The Goddess Cups

NO MORE LEAKS OR SMELLS + A MUCH MORE COMFORTABLE PERIOD – Your new Goddess Cup is easy to insert (our cups are more flexible) and you can use your Goddess Cup with confidence for 8-12 hours. Imagine how amazing your workday will be with a comfortable and easy menstrual cup!


ODOR FREE + HOLDS 2X AS MUCH AS A SUPER PLUS TAMPON – Are you sick of rushing to the bathroom in a panic to change your tampons or pads? Afraid of leaking on your pants? Worried about odor during your period? Our Goddess Cups hold 2x as much as tampons or pads without leaking or odor. Along with that, our menstrual cup is not only a great alternative to tampons, but it's reusable, saving you money!


FREE OF HARSH CHEMICALS, BLEACH & FIBERS – Your Goddess Cup does NOT have any of the harsh things that may be found in tampons. Did you know that most tampons are made of cotton and Rayon? Rayon is BLEACHED WOOD PULP. You have the right to choose what you put in your body. Make the best choice and choose the Goddess Cup as a tampon alternative.


CLEAN, NATURAL, HEALTHIER ALTERNATIVE TO TAMPONS– Made of the highest medical grade silicone, the Goddess Menstrual Cup offers a natural alternative to tampons and pads.


AFFORDABLE AND REUSABLE – START SAVING $5000 NOW – You will spend an average of $5000 on tampons and pads in your lifetime. That doesn’t include what you will spend replacing clothes, bed sheets and underwear after they have been leaked on. The Goddess Cup is reusable and can last YEARS. Start Saving TODAY


Not many women know they have a choice. Spread the word and buy a Goddess Cup for someone you know.