We know women have different nutritional and health needs than men. We've carefully researched all the essential nutrients an expectant mother and child need to grow and thrive.

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Many mothers worry whether they're getting enough of the essential nutrients their child needs - or if they're getting too much of a good thing! Our formula follows USDA guidelines to ensure you're getting the nutrients needed.

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At Goddess Health & Wellness Co, we get it. We a company owned and operated by women. We believe there’s a better way to help you take control of your health. Through countless hours of research, we’ve created natural and balanced supplements for all the needs of women from pregnancy to menopause as well as a reusable menstruation cup. Both of our options take into consideration a woman's body and what types of things are going into it. Store bought vitamins contain uncertain amounts of contents, making it so that you are either consuming too much or too little of the vitamins in their tablets, while menstruation products are full of harsh chemicals. Take charge of what goes into your body today when you purchase from our online store.